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    Getting websites mobile friendly

    Yesterday's post noted the fast growing number of users turning to mobile
    devices for web searches.

    Getting your website mobile ready does not have to be a complex, time-
    consuming project. Check out these 7 tips from Igor Faletski. He's got some
    straightforward, general advice that makes for an excellent starting point.

    Luckily, one thing that you won't have to worry about: your Hosted Checkout
    payment page.


    Mobile web searching increases

    Articles posted today re: mobile web usage in the UK seem to indicate a
    massive increase in searches done via mobile phones. A 247% increase
    to be exact. 

    One article actually puts the bulk of the "credit" at the feet of the Android
    mobile operating system. True?

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    Hosted Checkout Mobile: Who can use it?

    Lately I've been fielding questions from current customers (not necessarily using
    Hosted Checkout payment pages) asking if they are able to use Hosted Checkout


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    Oct 5: Paypal #XChat

    Today I attended a Twitter Chat chaired by Paypal's VP of mobile payments,
    Osama Obedier. If you've never been in a Twitter chat, it's worth joining if
    you're interested in the topic - fun, quick, lots of noise but useful tidbits and
    links emerge. This chat, now over, can be accessed by searching on hashtag:

    From what I could comb out of the noise, this chat was meant as a teaser to
    what Paypal's plans are in the mobile payments marketplace as well as spread
    the word about their upcoming developer conference, Paypal X Innovate 2010.
    A nice little treat thrown in by Obedier:

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    Security breech of non-stored card data

    A restaurant down in Florida is being investigated for a card data security breech
    after a spike in credit card fraud was traced back to its POS system.

    Unfortunately this isn't uncommon as hackers are tending to target the small to
    midsize businesses. What's different about this is that this establishment was NOT
    storing any card data.

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